intention note, women is a cave

The flies were eating me alive, sucking my sweat, driving me mad, my arms and hands were going in every direction. My body was ill, from the inside, I spent months eating nothing but tomatoes "à la croque au sel", I ate them with my hands, I had tomato juice and seeds dripping everywhere, on my arms, my thighs, it was running between my fingers, sticking them together, I was drowning in this red and sweet water. One night, probably a rainy one, I went to the movie theater, to see Il Bucco by Michelangelo Frammartino, it is a movie about speleology, it takes place in the Italian mountains. It was nearly a silent movie, only the shepherd was shouting "HAYO" to his sheeps. Everything was wet and dripping, I saw myself drinking, I was a cave, filled with water. I am
actually working on a parallel between bodies and landscapes, to observe the irregularity, the cavity, to talk about what we do to the earth, to drill, to core, to rape, to burn, to touch, to deform, to insult, to hunt... every time we fire a bullet, we are shooting something down, to play the game of Dr. Maboul, to stick one's hand into a body, as if we were eviscerating a chicken.

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Parler pour ne rien dire, 


Parler Pour Ne Rien Dire est une collecte de trente-cinq livres et vingt-sept images argentiques, le tout a été produit entre Avril 2017 et Avril 2020. Le livre tend à donner accès à un processus de déplacement, à construire un témoignage de ce monde que l’on habite, au travers de la poésie et de la fiction afin d’ouvrir les frontières de nos espaces sensibles.

De quelle manière produit-on de la nostalgie pour les espaces inconnus ? Qu’emporte-t’on avec nous au travers des paysages que l’on traverse ?

Parler Pour Ne Rien Dire is a collect of thirty five texts and twenty seven analog images, all produced in between April 2017 and April 2020. The book looks into ways to give access to a process of movement, to built a testimony of this world that we do inhabit through poetry and fiction, to erase borders and open the possibilities of each ones of us sensitivity.

'How do we get attached to a place who does not belong to us? What are we bringing home with us when we cross unknown places? How do we produce nostalgia?'

Ateliers d’écriture, 

menés au café associatif de Soumensac, Le Local, 47120